Slow Stitching

If you’re new to the concept of slow stitching, I hope this post will help you get started.

In the busy, turbulent and, certainly at the moment, uncertain world we live in, it’s sometimes good – and occasionally essential – to slow down, take a few deep breaths and relax. The slow stitching creative art process is perfect for this – you don’t need to focus on the finished piece, instead just enjoy the journey.

Slow stitching is a mindful needlework technique that focuses on intention and the joy of creating, rather than on the final piece itself. The point of slow stitching is not perfection, and as you work you may find yourself going off in a completely different creative direction, intuitively letting the creative process flow. Just enjoy the process, one stitch at a time, as you create your piece of work. You don’t need expensive materials – small pieces of fabric, a needle and a selection of threads are all that you need to start, and you can finish of the piece with beautiful trim and embellishments. You can use a simple running stitch, and add in more decorative stitches as you progress. You don’t need to follow a pattern and you don’t need to worry about having perfectly cut pieces – I will often let raw, unfinished edges hang loose.

What can you do with the end piece? Well, it could be a textile collage, a journal cover; you could use it to create a cushion cover or lampshade; or you could frame the finished piece.

We sell slow stitch kits, in different colour themes, that contain all the materials you need to start you on your slow stitch journey. We also have slow stitch mandala kits, with materials and a pattern for you to follow. Keep in mind that there are no rules to slow stitching – you can follow our pattern exactly, or use it for ideas – the finished item is up to you!

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